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Why Should use Redis Object Cache ?

Redis object cache

What is Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) ? Why you should consider to use Redis in your website ?

Redis is Object cache in memory system. Redis stored data in clusters memory so it won’t make your database heavily loaded because when you run some task,

it will go direct access your stored data first before access the database.  with this benefits you should consider to use it because it will help you to reduce your website loadtime ,

improve performance and also save more CPU usage at your VPS. Redis only stored data by object. so it have difference function with Normal web Cache.

if you want to learn more about Redis , you can visit on official site redis.io

I recommended to you to make some of comparison between your site , before after using Redis.

you should feels faster when use Redis because it will help you to access your query data via cache.

Type of  Structured Data

here’s some of structured data that can be stored with Redis :
1. String – text or binary data up to 512MB in size
2. List – a collection of Strings in the order in which they were added
3. Set – an unordered set of strings with the ability to cut, join and distinguish other types of Set
4. Sorted Set – Sets sorted by value
5. Hash – a data structure for storing a list of fields and values
6. Bitmap – a data type that offers you bit-level operations
7. HyperLogLog – probabilistic data structure for estimating unique items in data sets

We hope when you already read this article , you can start to learn Redis. because if you want to optimize your website speed ,

it will be very useful. you also can combine with CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) to get better results. Eternal Organizer site recommended you to use Vultr for best cloud VPS .

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