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Build a PC ?, Buy a laptop ?

Which one do you prefer? Build a PC? eternal friends?

There are many reasons, you must choose wisely from the activities and software according to your needs.

On social media, there is a lot of hot talk about people asking for recommendations for buying a laptop or building a PC, even though it is clear that both PC and Laptop / Desktop are different although we all know the main function is the same.

there is the hardware and software used
to run the operating system and its software
build a pc?
buy a laptop?

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of PCs and laptops




  • More powerful performance for long hours working on PC
  • Cheaper than a laptop with the same specifications
  • cheaper and easier when upgrading parts and troubleshoot
  • Flexible installation, with the wishes we want
  • advantages and disadvantages of PCs and laptops


  • Not portable, hard to carry anywhere
  • Requires more electric power
  • Requires a bigger room
  • Complicated installation instead of buying a laptop

Buy a laptop



  • Portable form, very easy to carry anywhere
  • save more power than PC
  • fits in a bag and does not take up much space
  • Practical, no need to assemble again ready to use


  • Less performance than PC
  • More expensive than a pc with the same specifications
  • More expensive and difficult to repair when there is damage or upgrades


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