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Benefit of using VPS rather than cloud hosting

benefit of using vps

Benefit of using vps is that you have complete control over your server (root).

but this is not easy to accept for beginners who are just starting out in the dev ops world.

why do many use cloud hosting if we know that vps has more benefits ??

of course there are many factors to consider. one of the factors influencing the price.

because cloud hosting is more affordable.

but we know that our resources will also be shared with other users. if you just want to create a personal blog, you no longer need to use a VPS. because hosting is already capable.

but if you want to start a stable startup / aspire to build a large online business, we use VPS from scratch. so that you can practice and get used to doing the server yourself.

Indeed, managing your own server is not easy, there are many challenges that must be overcome,

starting from preventing hacker attacks through brute force, ddos ​​attack, sql injection, etc.

But if you have a vision that is far into the future, we think this in the future will not burden you.

VPS more powerful than cloud hosting

a lot of help you can do on your own server, from installing whatever you want, controlling and

controlling the CPU resources you use. and you can use 1 VPS for several websites that you manage.

for the long term even when the server is getting congested, you should also consider scaling up by doing load balancing on your server.

and to use a content delivery network to load faster content from your closest area.

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