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Recca eSports

Recca eSports ?

One of the most famous eSports Organization, Recca eSports has now develop their popularity into the world. It was founded on July 2016. Since that, this eSports team always show their ability to win the other big teams in competitions. It’s a Counter Strike Global Offensive games because the aimed to be the best CS:GO team in Asia and the world.

Not just known as an eSports Team, Recca is also an eSports Organizer who has well-known in Jakarta, Indonesia. They also have supporting facilities like a bootcamp with full of LG Gaming Monitor. In other hand, they have smart coaches (Roseau & FrostMisty) and now they are opening a registration for those who want to learn about CS:GO.  This is called Recca Academy, people who wants to join can do the payment IDR 400.000/month with 12 total sessions.

Recca eSports

Now, Recca eSports has joined hundred times of competitions. For the example, PGL Asia Minor Championship, IPGL Qualifier, Southeast Asia Beyondgodlike CS:GO Pro League, WCA Asia-Pacific Qualification, etc. Not just that, after dozens of times stand in for Dota2 Team, Recca has officially get a main roster. It’s Michael Samsir who become the main roster as a Carry in Dota 2.  They also get a beautiful and talented Brand Ambassador named Yulia Soeteja. With this perfect combination like this, we think that Recca eSports can be bigger soon in the future.

Recca eSports

We hope soon Recca eSports can bring the name of Indonesia to the world and be the best CS:GO team in the world. Also, keep improving their new challenges in Dota2 too. GGWP Team !!!


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