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New Dota 2 Hero

New Dota 2 Hero

This time is now coming , time for the International 7 ! Since Desember 2016, the return of Monkey King has been make all of the Dota2 players wondering. Would a new hero appear soon? Then, Valve give them the answer.

Matthew Bailey, the manager of Dota 2 Team Secret, wrote a tweet yesterday. It said “We would like to move a lot quicker on new hero development. We feel like the meta game overall is in great shape, but new heroes are an area that has not gone as quickly as we would like.”  Matthew says that these statements were made by Valve in a meeting.

This tweet then make people suggest that the first of the new heroes might not be far away. It suggest that the new hero could be a Sylph, which in Western tradition are a mythological air spirits. There are also four abilities included in the new hero : Grapple, Shadow Realm, Flash Powder, and WillOWisp. It means that the new hero might be an air elemental.

The International 7 ?

Now, come a new question. Will the new Dota 2 hero reveal at The International 7? As we know that Dota2 players always curious about how is the appearance of the new hero. Meanwhile, we still haven’t heard an official statement of an upcoming new hero.

Actually, Valve has mentioned that the game’s client needs plenty of work, particularly in terms of user experience. So, for now we can just wait for the new hero to be appear. Will it come after The Intenational 7 on August 12th? Yes, maybe.

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