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The International 7 Live Stream

The International 7 Live Stream

The international 7 Live Stream – Eternal

Today, the most interesting tournament that we have waited for a long time has come. It’s been a while since Wings Gaming gave their best reputation to win The International 2016.

So, group stage action begins with TNC Pro Team vs Evil Geniuses. Then,  Group A action, TNC Pro Team vs Evil Geniuses continues with Team Liquid v iG Vitality.  iG Vitality is one of three teams to attend The International from the Chinese Qulifier. LGD Gaming v Fnatic and Team Secret v Team Empire.

Valve also announced significant changes for 2017-2018 season. Valve decided to create a new system of Major and Minor Tournaments for the next year. They will be adding $500K to the prize pool of every Major Tournament.

Who’s your idol team: You can comments below this post

You can watch The Main Stream here: Evil Geniuses vs TNC Pro Team

The International is the biggest competition in dota2 scene ever. hosted by Valve. this tournament have huge prizepool because of support from community to via compendium , so 25% from player purchase will go directly into prizepool. don’t forget to follow our social media at eternalesports and eternalorganizer

The Second Stream : Team Liquid vs iG Vitality

The Third Stream : LGD Gaming vs Fnatic

The Fourth Stream : Team Secret VS Team Empire

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