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The Winner Of The International 7

Congratulations for Liquid Team !

After a week competiting in The International 7 Tournament, now the winner has come. The Winner of The International 7 is Liquid Team from The Europe Region. Congratulations for Liquid Team who has already fight until the end. Become the first is not easy, it really needs hard workers and solid team. Since the Liquid Team went into the lower bracket, they don’t desperate and always keep trying to be the champion.

To claim the Aegis of Champions today, they had to fight and struggle through it. After dropped from the lower bracket of the tournament in the first round, they proved that losing is not made them to be the loser, but the winner. Stood as the solo remaining non-Chinese Team in The International 7, Liquid Team Stay Until The End.

The European Squad will take home at $10,806,301 after an historic 3-0 sweep of Team Newbee. While their opponents, Chinese team Newbee, will receive more than $3.9 for its second place finish. Both Newbee and Liquid delivered a strong performance at The International beginning in the group stages. Securing their respective slots in the upper bracket of this week’s Main Event.

Meanwhile, the LGD FY come into the third place and it takes home $2.4 million. Every teams have done a good job. And we hope that they can join the next year’s International 8.

Here is the Grand Final Video of The International 7 :

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