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Dueling Fates Update

Dueling Fates Update

Entering the Day 5 of The International 7 , once again Valve took the opportunity to introduce two new heroes. The two heroes will appear in “The Dueling Fates” update. The hero still has no name yet. And we still don’t know about when the Dueling Update will happen.

Sylph has been rumored for some time, as the new Dota 2 New Heroes Character in May 2017. Matthew Bailey, the Team Secret Manager also wrote it on his official twitter.

At The International 6 Valve announced Underlord  and revealing a new hero, Monkey King. Anyway, one of the new hero in this year might be Sylph. The other one, we still don’t know about it.  But it seemed to be a swashbuckling cat with a French accent. Hopefully, we will be able to unpack their abilities soon.

Here’s the Dueling Fates Update :

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