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The International 7 Day 4

Recap The International 7 Day 4

Yeah, finally we are in the fourth day of The International 7 tournament. And today, unfortunately, the most successful Dota2 teams of the year exit the tournaments. Who are they? Let’s see the news below.

Today, OG , the Europe Team, were unable to withstand with Chinese’s LGD Team. For the first time, the chinese team took down OG’s midlaner Anathan “ana” Pham’s Ember Spirit three times prior to the five-minute mark.

Team Liquid played in the third round of the lower bracket agains Team Empire. But, after being knocked from the upper bracket by the Chinese Team, Invictus Gaming, Liquid can’t do well as they had done before. Luckily, in last minute, one of their players could make their teams beating the Team Empire in 2-0.

Then, Team Liquid move on to the lower bracket quarterfinals and they will face Virtus.Pro. In the end, Liquid still be the winner which means that Virtus.Pro are eliminated from The International 7

So, there are 3 teams who are eliminated from The International 7 today: Team Empire, OG, and Virtus.Pro. Well, all dreams to winning The International were ended as they were eliminated from the tournament. And after seeing today’s match, we can conclude that more than half of the remaining teams at The International 7 are Chinese. With Liquid who survived as the solo remaining non-Chinese team at the event, will they be the next champion?

Tomorrow will be the last day of The International 7 Tournament. Invictus Gaming and LGD fight to determine who will fight Team Liquid in the fifth round of the lower bracket.  We hope that all remaining teams can do the best and be the winner of the massive tournament of the year.

You can check the Main Event Day 4 in this video :

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