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Adorable DroneJapan’s space agency has released photos and videos taken on the Intenational Space Station (ISS). It called Internal Ball Camera Drone (Int-Ball). The drone can float in a zero-gravity environment and operated by remote control from earth. It was developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), who have designed it in monochrome with luminous circular blue eyes.  JAXA said, the drone was delivered to the ISS on June 4th 2017, using a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. It was the first time SpaceX reused a Dragon capsule cargo.

Int-Ball Features

The drone was manufactured its parts using 3D printing, and it uses existing drone technology. It offers real-time monitoring for flight controllers and researchers on the grounds at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center. The Int-Ball could make astronauts more efficient on the ISS, saving time about 10 percent to taking photographs in the space. JAXA says the drone can move anywhere at any time through autonomous flight and can record images from any angle. The recording camera located between the two eyes so the astronauts can easily identify what it’s looking at.

This adorable drone weighs 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram), 15 cm of diameter, and has 12 propellers. It functions on a 3 axis control unit, the brain converses with 12 propellers positioned near the surface of the robot. Int-Ball contains actuators, acceleration sensor, rotational, and electromagnetic brakes to help it orient in space. The purpose of making Int-Ball itself is to wipe out the chore of recording, as well as the delay in sending, according to the agency.

In the future, the Int-Ball will be able to check supplies and even help with onboard problems. JAXA says it’s now  focused on improving the Int-Ball’s capabilities so it can be more helpful on the station.

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