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Hyperloop , the futuristic transportation system has finished it first test at Nevada test track on May 12th 2017. It announced two months after the test that is successfully tested by the company. In the test, the company achieved controlled propulsion and levitation of a Hyperloop One vehicle in a vacuum environment. It reached 70 miles per hour and it just a fraction of what the company hopes to achieve.

The company’s next goal is going to ramp the speed up to 250mph, before aiming for 750mph using magnets. It will get newly design of aluminum and carbon fiber pods that designed to carry people or cargo through the low pressure tunnel, a small step to the big one. This concept first conceived by Elon Musk in 2013, who described his vision of a high-speeed, mass-transit system. He claimed that the system would be safer, faster, and cheaper than existing methods of transportation.

It will need more time before this high speed transportation becomes a reality given the complexity of a new technology, but the test marks an important step, according to the company. They also have a goal for moving cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021. For now, we can just hope and wait the new invention , which can connect everyone in this world in just a short time and change the way we live.

The new way to move people and things at airlines speeds for the price of a bus ticket , is now real !

Source : Hyperloop One

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