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First of all, what do you think when you heard about this news? Razer is going to make a gaming smartphone? Seriously? As we know that Razer is a company which famous with their high-end gaming devices like laptop, keyboard, mouse, power banks, desktop, and the projector system. Now, they are planning to make a gaming smartphone? What a boom!

On January 2017, Razer has acquired Nexbit and its ‘cloud phone’ called the Robin. Then, the company promised that Nexbit would release smartphone with unique design. Moreover, they have also propose the Initial Public Offfering (IPO) at HongKong in this year to get $5 billion in order to help fund the smartphone. And they will use it for their expansion into China’s $25 billion gaming market.

At the moment, we still can’t imagine how will be the gaming smartphone looks like. Will they use Android as the operation system ? This question actually will be answerred in 2018. Because until around October, the company declined to comment on its IPO plans. So , it might be the Gaming Smartphone will release in the early of 2018.

Now, Razer also developing a new virtual currency called zGold, which gamers can earn as they play, enabling them to pay for new equipment. They are trying to build its own community from that zGold. The company whose the backers are Intel Corporation and Temasek Holdings Pte.  also building a software platform that connects and launches games for 35 million users. Amazing, right?

So, are you excited about this? Actually, it will be a good news for all of “hardcore gamers” because soon they can use the new Razer Gaming Smartphone. Although, it won’t be the first and it will face competition from another brand like Acer Predator 6 Gaming Smartphone. Let’s just support for Razer’s development and wait for the next updates !!!

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