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Baby Roshan Statue

Coming up ! Coming up ! The International 2017 will be coming up in just one week again !! Yeah, and The Valve has announced its Baby Roshan Statue !! This is a new magnificent physical reward will be given exclusively to players that reach level 2000 on The International 2017 Battle Pass.

A Baby Roshan Statue standing at 8.5cm x 9cm tall, with nickel silver finish on the surface. In addition, the Valve has also introduced an exclusive in-game Roshan skin. It has a beautiful golden colour , including entirely golden left arm. However,Dota2 fans will only be able to enjoy it until May 1st, 2018.

To claim the Baby Roshan, you need to ensure that you have visited the Collector’s Aegis registration site to provide your shipping and contact information for the level 1000 reward. Remember that you have until August 25th to register on the Aegis registration site.  You will also need to use your Steam account profile in order to access the site. The same shipping information will use to send the Collector’s Aegis and Collector’s Baby Roshan.

It said that if you have a Level 2000 Battle Pass and previously registered for this year’s Level 1000 reward, you’re already set.

For all of you that wanted to buy this Baby Roshan Figure, you can buy it at The Dota2 Store. With just $840 for the price you can collect this beautiful figure. This might be a worth price for fans and figure collectors. And of course this is a  perfect souvenir for those who really love the game. So, keep leveling up and claim the Baby Roshan now !

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