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Arcana Vote

Still in the The International 7 Fever and now one of the important moment has come. The Arcana Vote has been announced and now there are just 2 heroes alias left reaching to the Grand Final. The Grand Finalists are Pudge and Rubick, who beat invoker and Sniper in the previous voting round respectively.

As the previous year, The Arcana Vote always come when The International is ahead. It’s really like a tradition before The Internatiional starts. This Arcana Battle of this year is really fierce, the favorite Dota 2 heroes will meet up and become The Arcana.

Earlier in the top 4 , there are 4 great teams in the battle. Invoker vs Pudge and Rubick vs Sniper. Then, something unexpected happened, The Pudge has succeed beaten The Invoker !! And the Rubick has also succeed beaten Sniper with their hype.

Wondering about who will be the next winner of The Arcana Vote, why don’t we see the previous first? There is Juggernaut (2016), Zeus (2015), and Phantom Assassin (2014).  Along with other heroes that already have an Arcana Item : Crystal Maiden, Io, Legion Commander, Lina, Monkey King, etc.

Can’t wait to reveal who will be the winner of The Arcana Vote this year. So, are you Pudge Team or Rubick Team? Put your comments below  this article. Want to know the progress? Always keep watching this site and we will update the latest news and other interesting news about eSports !!

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