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Learn What Is Data Type

Hi eternal friends
Here some article i hope With this article,
i hoped that readers can understand the form of what is data type and their application to algorithms.

Previously, did you know?. that a variable is a symbol for storing certain values. what values ​​can a variable store, with its use according to the type and purpose of the variable itself
So I hope you can understand.


  1. The algorithm variable converts the temperature from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, Reamur, and Kelvin and gives TC, TF, TR, and TK.
  2. Variable Algorithm for determining salary for an employee Name, Salary, Overtime, Status.

For Your Information

The temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, Reamur, and Kelvin are numeric values, and enter the real number, it applies if the measurement allows any decimal digits.

Data Types

gives a few simple data types containing only a single data. namely integers, real numbers, characters, strings, booleans.


Integer is a data type in the form of integers, including negative, zero or positive numbers, namely 1, 342, -21, 0, 696

this data types can be used for a lot of data, height, distance, number of people, month, years.

Real Number

Real numbers are data types in the form of numbers with fractions, in contrast to integers,
these numbers have fractions number with commas, like 1.5, 67.4, -323.46, 325.53, 22/7

this data types can be used for large, circle area, temperature.


an arrange of numbers or alphabets as “abc” , “hello” , “69632” required to limit the max length of the string

its mean variable as an max of length, String[15], those mean maximal length is 15, string can be use as an address, birth, name, school, phone number,  and etc.


Boolean is data type for stated if true or false only!.
its mean variable can be interprend as type data like StudentStatus(it can be true and false), MarriedStatus(it can be true and false)

ok those are some simple unstructured data types that you can understand easily
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