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Some Emotional The Music Video

Eternal Friends Here some emotional the music video that make your days better

Music Video

Music Video Paradise

The music titled Paradise released 2011
The music video there is an elephant in the cage trying to escape counting the days he’s been without his friends, finally he escape by the police on a bicycle,
after he fled to Africa he met his friend his enthusiasm and happiness the emotions with mood can be felt.



Wake Me Up

The music titled Wake Me Up released 2013
This song talks about the philosophy of life of almost, the young people of the current generation About the eternal conflict of age and experience vs youth and desire for experimentation and growth and how to end Of accounts, everyone has their own path to walk, and there is no guide on how life should be, only experiences and learning.

Maroon 5 – Memories

The music titled Memories released 2019
The music video tell about manager who is his friend Jordan Feldstein passed away, the song is dedicated to their memories the day and this is the best way to return the favor.



Music Video The Nights

The music titled The Nights released 2014
Is meaning One day you’ll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember the song tells us that we should live life to the better, because no sooner then you think it could be over, if you haven’t done anything for yourself, it will be not have anything to be remembered by.



Someone You Loved

The music titled Someone You Loved released 2019
This videos makes think about someone you beloved to be very close with, for those someone who need heal the pain, most likely depression, with support from all we loved is heal about, that their relationship has dissolved,
he is basically defenseless. He has no one around who cares enough to help him deal with these issues.



Music Video Shelter

The music titled Shelter 2016
Music video that make felt the of the world being alone is a worst fears, having nobody to talk to, listen to or interact with is painful, worth of loneliness,
who knows how long her past memories and draws even the slightest hope from it.



The Music

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