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Imagine you are seeing a 3D Movie without glasses ? Is it possible? Since the first time 3D technology has been discovered until now, it has undergone many developments and reached its heyday. It had become popular in Hollywood on 1950 and many film production using 3D technology for their projects. Now, 3D technology can be used for many things that will also help for the future’s life. 

Massachusetts  Institute of Technology (MIT) Scientist have developed a new system that can allow users to watch 3D movies at home without having to wear the 3D glasses. It said that they aim to change “Home3D”, a new system that converts traditional 3D movies from stereo into a format that is compatible with a thing called “automultiscopic displays.” 

These displays are rapidly improving in resolution and show great potential for home theatre systems. The Home3D can run in real-time on a graphic processing unit which means it could on a Xbox or a PlayStation. The algorithms for Home3D also let users customise the viewing experience, dialling up or down the desired level of 3D for any given movie.

Home3D converts 3D movies from “stereoscopic” to “multi- view” video, which can displays three or more images that simulate what the scene looks like from different locationts. And you don’t need to be worry about your eyes because each eye perceives what it would see while really being at a given location inside the scene.  Amazing invention, isn’t it ?

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