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Facebook  – Do you have ever heard about the new invention of Facebook? Facebook has made a new platform that can be used to communicate via group, to chat with colleagues and helping everyone in their business. It started on October 10, 2016 , but its testing started in the beginning of 2015. So, what is the features , how does it works, and how does it costs? Check this out!

Workplace previously known as Facebook at Work, it said that more than 1.000 businesses were already using it, including Danone and Starbucks. “We’ve seen that just as Facebook keeps you connected to friends and family, it can do the same with co-workers, We’ve brought the best of Facebook to the workplace.” said the company in a statement.

Workplace is a new messaging and social media service that focuses on corporate and professionals , and can be used internally by companies. Workplace is available in desktop and mobile versions. The Workplace interface is similar like Facebook, with news, feed, reactions, trending post, video streaming features, and messaging. It designs   replace other business tools such as email.

There’s even something called Multi-Company Groups , which allows employees from different organizations can work together. Not just that, Workplace lets you search names or phrases, and then serves up results all across your company. So, you can fin co-workers profiles or phrases mentioned in posts.

Facebook’s employees itself have been using a version of Workplace for years. It also didn’t spend so much money for the first trial because it’s free 3 months for trial account. For company with monthly active users will be charge $3 for each user, $2 for 1001 – 10.000 active users, and $1 for more than 10.000 active users. For non-governmental institutions and educational institutions, Workplace is completely free.

Furthermore, Workplace plans to add a “shared space” feature that allows user to collaborate with people from other companies. Come and join yourself on Workplace and find out more interesting features at Workplace.



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