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Paquito Mobile Legends Skin

Skin Paquito collaboration with famous legend boxer  Pacquiao

Paquito Mobile Legends Skin

source : MLBB

mobile legends skin – Paquito | Who here doesn’t know Manny Pacquiao? a.k.a Manny “Pacman” Pacquio. Of course,
those of you who like to watch world boxing matches are definitely not with this legendary boxer from the Philippines. In Mobile Legends,
there are heroes made similar to remind the legendary figure of the boxer. The hero named Paquito, in terms of name,
there is a similarity so that it makes it easier for us to remember.
Of course, Moonton’s collaboration as a mobile legends developer with Manny Pacquiao has a positive impact on the land of dawn of mobile legends.

where in the next few weeks, we will be greeted with an exclusive skin from the hero Paquito.
here you can watch the official video trailer footage from moonton upcoming paquito mobile legends skin:

Video Preview

At a glance, this hero Paquito has a strong early defense, this hero can be a carry or offliner.
fighter paquito usually matches the flicker or execute emblem, sometimes petrify is still ok.
but when you have entered competitive mode, get ready, yes, because there is very little chance of getting this hero in the pick phase. because of this meta season
tends to be intense for the hero paquito ban in rank and tournament mode.

Even though we know that Paquito has many advantages, it can be easily defeated with typical burst damage such as
Beatrix, Kagura & Eudora. 3 This hero is often used to counter pick Paquito. Even though there are many other heroes,
in our opinion, these 3 heroes make it very difficult for Paquito to move to free farm.

Ok, that’s all, maybe for the tips, let’s just wait for what it looks like from Paquito’s exclusive skin.

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Manny Pacquiao X Paquito – Break the Fourth Wall

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