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Kagura Mobile Legends Skin Starlight !

kagura mobile legends skin

Kagura Mobile Legends New Skin !

Hello, Eternal Friends, have you got this special Kagura skin of April 2021 starlight?
the first impression from us when we saw this skin looks very cute and charming.

where the nuances of Japanese girl kawai radiate in this skin. Of course, anime lovers will immediately be attracted to this skin.

For duck umbrella animation and kagura skills, individuals will get some coloring effects so that the display will be more in line with their skin theme.

To get this Kagura Rainy Walk skin you need to buy a starlight member / starlight member plus your diamonds.
when you are a starlight member of mobile legends, you can automatically claim this skin right away. Of course, there will definitely be many MLBB users who will choose Kagura in the ranking. keep up the enthusiasm to push the rankings at the beginning

this season.

here you can see the video preview below:

Starlight Perks Preview :

how cool is it? Which do you think is cooler than the Kagura Rainy Walk or Cherry Blossom Skin?
Instead of being dizzy, it’s better to just buy all the Kagura skins, yes,
but what’s more important is it’s useless if you have lots of skins but you don’t play well. just kidding.
keep improving your competitive skills guys. but for casual players it is also not a problem as a form of refreshing you.
Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of us have a lot of activities at home.

okay that’s all from the Author regarding the skin update starlight preview, Kagura Rainy Walk.
if you think the skin is worth buying, just top up your diamonds right away! than later regret it later
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