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Jeremy Lin

NBA Player Who Loves eSports

Jeremy Lin, who was known as an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets star is a real eSport fan. Recently, he revealed his hobby. He also a big fan of eSports and he is showing off that passion on a new TV series on TBS.

Before the National Basketball Association (NBA) season resumes in October, Jeremy Lin is supporting another league; The International 7. He previously attended that Dota 2 massive tournament in Seattle. And this is the first time Lin was exposed to gaming especially Dota 2 by his brothers. He has become an avid player too.

Lin said that he usually plays Dota 2 at least three times a week. Lin himself was shown the game by his younger brother and fell into playing it. His favorite hero is Phantom Assassin, and he always admires the competitors just like its stars.

“When i attended my first TI three years ago I was absolutely blown away with just how hyped the crowd was and the cheering and everything around it,”Lin said. “It literally feels like an athletic event when you’re watching the game.”

Lin doesn’t like individual sports, he likes all about teammates. “I don’t like individual sports and i don’t like individual games,” Lin says. “I like when you have to work with your teammates. And Dota puts you in that position where all five of your teammates have to be clicking together in order to win.”

Lin’s appearance and The International 7 tournament will be featured in a four-episode series titled “ELEAGUE” : Road to the International Dota 2 Championships”. It will air every Friday at 10 p.m on TBS. Actually the first episode has aired two days ago on August 25.

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