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arcana showdown winner

Arcana – Showdown Winner


Hello readers , We have good news for all of dota2 gamers ! finally the Arcana showdown winner is coming out ! yes as you can see on this picture , pudge is the winner¬† champion of arcana by winning vote with 50.008%! There’s only 8711 vote difference left with Rubick !

with this statements we hope all dota support players didn’t regret if rubick can’t get this chance on this years. Let’s see what kind of arcana would be revealed on next year! once again congratulation for Pudge <3 oppa dendi.

as you can know most of all dota2 player love pudge. because of dendi as the one who played pudge very great. with hook moment in The International if you remember , since that moments make many player always pick this hero. we can called it dendi wannabe ! Just kidding ! overall this arcana its so good and how about the price?

the price not much have many different with others arcana , you can saving your money to buy steam wallet and keep increase gaben pockets! Kidding ! anyway have a good game with your friends. keep going and keep climbing your MMR into the highest leaderboards! goodluck and have fun.

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