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The Immortal Treasure III

Hi, Gamers! Do you still remember about Last Year’s Immortal Treasure III? Yep, and this year it has arrived again. It will featuring all-new items for Shadow Shaman, Dark Willow, Queen of Pain, Batrider, Zeus, and Naga Siren.

Not just that, but you’ve also got a chance of unlocking 50 Battle Pass levels, and an astronomically small chance of getting the Emblem of the Crystal Echelon, like with the other Immortal Treasures.

All Battle Pass owners can find an Immortal Treasure III ready to unbox in the Armory. You can earn more treasures by increasing your Battle Level. Check out a preview of the new items and custom effects from today’s treasure over on the Battle Pass page.

So, have you found your favorite treasure? Open your Dota2 and Unbox your treasure now!

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