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Eminent Revival

The Promise of Eminent Revival

Hey! Have you heard about Dota 2’s latest update? Yeah, it is called The Promise of Eminent Revival. The good news is for the Battle Pass owners who have reached Level 615 can now find this new treasure bundle awaiting in the Armory.

According to the Valve, the Eminant Revival will have two styles. The first will make each one mirror the subterranean visual theme of The International 8. While, The second will gave them an ugraded look.

“Immediately granting all five items contained within upon opening, this bundle features select items from previous Immortal treasures that commemorate the history of The International. Each of these items features two styles: a default style that rethemes these Immortal hallmarks to match this year’s event, and a second style unlocked through playing that gives it an upgraded touch.” said Valve.

Not everyone will be given their own Eminent Revival, however. Before receiving it, Battle Pass owners must reach Level 615. Without completing challenges and quests, getting to Level 615 involves investing as much as $260 in additional Battle Levels.

The Items of Eminent Revival

Let’s we see the items of Eminent Revival :

  1. Cauldron of Xahryx
  2. Leviathan Whale Blade
  3. The Lightning Orchid
  4. Fin King’s Charm
  5. Tormented Staff

So, is it good enough? Don’t forget to read our last article too !

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