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Esports as known as Electronic Sports what’s on your mind when you heard about e-sports ? I guess all of you will agree with us if e-sports is electronic sports who have many categories game.

in this years , we had one of the best premium tournament called The International 2018

The International 2018 will be held at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada from August 20–25, 2018. The location change was due to the Key Arena undergoing renovation construction at the time. Another change from previous Internationals, it featured a series of tournaments, running from October 2017 until June 2018 and known as the Dota Pro Circuit , that awarded qualifying points with the top eight ranking teams receiving direct invitations.In the Dota Pro Circuit, any Dota 2 tournament following The International 2017 that had at least one team from the North American, South American, Southeast Asian, Chinese, European, and Commonwealth of Independent States regions, a minimum prize pool of $500,000,

which Valve added $500,000 of their own towards, and concluded with a LAN finals was classified as a “Major”. In addition, a “Minor” championship tier exists and followed the same rules, but with a minimum prize pool of $150,000 and awarded fewer qualifying points than a respective Major.

have you ever wondered if this industry already reach multi billion dollars industry ? it’s really amazing to realized it after but the time move so fast and it really happened now, during early era video game until we are ready to involved in e-sports industry. technology already changed everything. people now days already usually live with technology.

there’s many thing you can explore in this industry , you also might consider to involved in this industry.




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