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Battle Royal and Survivor

Fortnite is an online Third Person Shooter game that is currently trending for this year, Based on “Battle Royal and Survivor”.
Where the players must have to survival in this game, This game has Published by Epic game.Inc.

Fortnite has awesome graphics like 3d cartoons and this is good for all circles of children and adults, this game had new features like make buildings (walls, stairs, floors, and roofs) to survive or create a ladder to push. To play this game is quite difficult because it must have the ability of hand speed, good instinct, and aim. Around  of 4 months Fortnite already has 3 millions active players per day. From the daily statistic  it already beat PUBG.Corp,

by the way there is little information about the conflict of 2 companies. Where PUBG Corp has officially guided Epic games.Inc for the copyright issues

On July 26, 2017, it was announced this games had sold over 500,000 digital pre-order copies. On August 18, 2017, Epic confirmed that games had surpassed over a million players

in their initial prototypes of the game, Epic had used creepier and darker designs for the husks and other enemies. Bleszinski said that they found this to create an “exhaustive environment” that was too grim, and designed to take the design in a more cartoonish approach, while still remaining creepy, so that players would enjoy spending time in the game’s world, without competing with games like DayZ

So whether this game could be The best game in 2018 ?

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