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Broadcasting Dota 2

Broadcasting Dota 2

Last Night, Dota 2 posted a blog titled “Broadcasting Dota 2”. This article is like a kind of letter, which want to make a clarification to all of Dota 2 Community. Besides, there are so many blogs and channel about Dota 2 which is not the official, Valve is not allowed it. They said that the community should have broadcast license in terms of what is allowed.

Valve has made a decision :  Everyone should play nice  together.”

To that end, in addition to the official, fully-roduced streams from the tournament organizer itself. We believe that everyone should be able to broadcast a match from DotaTV for their audience. However, we don’t think they should do so in a commercial manner or in a way that directly competes with the tournament organizer’s stream. This means no advertising/branding overlays, and no sponsorships. It also means not using any of the official broadcast’s content such as caster audio, camerawork, overlays, interstitial content, and so on. Finally, this is not permission for studios to broadcast each other’s events. In general, everyone should play nice together, and we think the boundaries should be pretty clear.

All over the years, gaming industries have become more competitive. But, according to this statement, many Dota 2 commentators, organizers, hosts, and personalities have noted the vague statement and the question still left unanswered.

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