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The Dueling Fates Updates

The Dueling Fates Updates

It has been a long time since The International ended. While it means that we have not heard about The Dueling Fates updates for a long time. Now, the time is coming, finally, Valve announced that Dueling Fates updates will release on November 1st. Fans of Dota2, are you ready for this?

As announced in the Dota2’s official twitter account @DOTA2, “The Dueling Fates update will arrive on November 1st.” There is something unique, because they announced it at the same time after the BeyondTheSummit streaming done.

Since its trailer was unveiled in August, Valve has give a little information about this new updates. For example, there will two new heroes, one is looking like armadillo with sword fighter and the other one is looking like fairies who called “Pixie”. The latest news also said that the whole host off balance changes and there may be some new items to play with. Some of the metagame’s strongest heroes, such as Nechropos, Nyx Assassin, Earthshaker, Venomacer, and Night Stalker also get down in the patch.

So far, we hope that in this update there will be a significant changes in Dota2. Which will bring a development for this game. Now, let’s save the date, November 1st 2017 !


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The Dueling Fates Update

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