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After talking about coffee in our last post, now how about if we talk about fast food? Fast food become the most popular foods around the world. Who doesn’t like fast food? I think everyone like fast food especially for the Western people. We believe that every country has its local food. But, what makes it different is in every country we can always find fast food.

American people prefer to eat fast food than the other foods. What they like most are hamburger and french fries. Of course they like something like spaghetti, hot dog, sandwiches, and many more. This make there are so many fast food restaurant in America which is full-service restaurant.

Limited sevice restaurants scored points for quality ingridients, speedy services, and lower prices. And this year, it wins by Chick-fil-A in the first place. In the second place there is Panera Bread, they serve what many customers want. In the third place, Subway took it, followed by Arby’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Dunkin’ Donuts, and KFC.

For the Full-Time restaurants, there is Cracker Barrel at the fisrt place which is a family dining chain and also a gift shop. Texas Roadhouse took the second place with its highest-rated steak house in survey. And in the third place there is Olive Garden.

Actually, looks like people are a little tired with the traditional hamburger chains. Because according to ACSI Survey, Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s took the last place this year. Yeah maybe it depends on the higher price and the service. Sometimes, people paying more but they didn’t get an excellent services.

“We’ve seen burger chains languishing near the bottom of the ratings for a number of years now, but the gap is becoming greater between them and places like Panera Bread and even an alternative in the fast food category, like KFC.” said VanAmburg.

Source : NBC

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