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VR For Barista Training

VR or Coffee Machine?

Virtual Reality Technology or VR has come to our life and give us so many benefits. It can use to play a game, watching film, even training a barista to make a cup of coffee !! When you wanted to be a barista but you still can’t make a cup of coffee well, VR is the best way to practice with.

Sometimes, come a question, could virtual reality be a solution? The answer then reached by an experiment of Google’s Daydream Labs. Last month, researchers and developers  in the tech giant’s VR department built a virtual coffee machine model.  It’s for how to prepare a shot of espresso using professional equipment to see if newcomers were  able to learn it from the real coffee machine or from practicing in VR.

The virtual model included some tactile feedback for touching buttons, knobs, and other physical steps, also tamping. And the results are VR simulation didn’t prove perfection in tamping. So, until some more advance hardware developed to enhance the tactile following its sight and sounds.

“But it would have taken months to accurately model all the possible interactions there,” said MacGillivray, Google’s VR Software Engineer. “Pulling espressos and making lattes was a lesson that we had demand for in the office, and one where the basic steps could be taught in a fairly short amount of time, even if making a great final product is something that takes a long time to perfect.”

We can make the others collaboration using the virtual reality technology because it really helps in the whole world. Technology are significant and flexible, it can combine with the other fields. After seeing this collaboration between VR and The Coffee World, we hope that VR will bring the next amazing collaboration in the future. Go VR !!!

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