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World Of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo has been announced for both iOS and Android devices. Developed by Drecom, World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo is a casual title. It’s  different from the previous World of Final Fantasy. The players will be able to stack a maximum of six small characters on top of each other, or four medium characters, or two large characters.

It said that players will have a “Garden Dome” where they can be friend Mirages and go on an adventure in the other world of Valgallan. The original characters that appeared in the previous game will appear again in this game. The story told in the form of a manga.

The game’s staff includes executive producer Shinji Hashimoto and director Hiroki Chiba, who directed the previous game.

Here are some choice quotes from the magazine:

  • “The previous game was a big hit that sold 800,000 copies and had the support of fans overseas.”
  • “There were plans for a smartphone release before the development of the previous game, but since it costs a lot to start from scratch on smartphones, we first made a solid game for console, and are making use of those assets for smartphones.”
  • “The World of Final Fantasy series will continue to spread out in the future.”

Lets’s see the video :

Source : Gematsu

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