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How to Advertise Effectively with Facebook Pixel

As we know today , Facebook is one of the largest community in the world. founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Now days people always like to use social media
to share their moments with friends or family.

by the time Facebook now very often to use for optimizing many business.

especially on online businesses.
for the example like e-commerce , fashion , media & gaming. with Facebook Pixel we can optimize and target our audience

with more spesific action like
using event manager tools. with event manager tools we can track audience by their event activity.

facebook pixel statistic

Facebook Pixel Event Manager

on the picture above we use our website Eternal Organizer to show the event manager , it’s showed one of the example events we can track by using

facebook event manager to advertise effectively with facebook pixel.

as you can see on events tab :

  •  Page View
  •  View Content
  •  Add to Cart
  •  Initiate Checkout
  •  Purchase
  •  Lead
  •  Complete Registration

with this events example you can use their event by connect with your ads campaign. so when you start to create ads in facebook

or instagram, you can choose what’s your main object / goal.

if your goals focus on sales conversion, you should focus setting your event manager pixel

with lead , complete registration , add to cart , initiate checkout and purchase.

if you don’t use facebook pixel , it will be hard to maintenance your data.

so that’s why facebook pixel very important for digital marketer to boost your business.

if you want to learn more about installation and documentation usage of facebook pixel ,

you can directly visit this link https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-pixel




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