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1.Phantom Assassin


Phantom Assassin support may sound absurd, but this is the real thing happens in the arena of professional games. With a budget of several cost items such as Orb of Venom, Blight Stone, and Medallion of Courage, Phantom Assassin gank initiator can be annoying.The Hero does not have a stun, but Stifling Dagger is a moment to slow the effects of which can be removed continuously thanks to cooldown and mana cost very little. With the casting distance of 1,200 units so far, Phantom Assassin can throw Stifling Dagger from unseen places, making it difficult enemy blur and strike back.



Riki support is a new style of play that has recently emerged, precisely since he got an overhaul in version 6.86 patch. Much like the Bounty Hunter, Riki ability to disappear can be used to find your opponent’s position and make them feel safe in the woods. Riki also be combined with Lifestealer for ganking unique tactics. The funny thing is the support of Riki versions use his ultimate skill. In theory, Tricks of the Trade is a skill to give damage to the enemy teamfight time, but Riki support only use those skills to disjoint projectiles. Enabling Tricks of the Trade at the right time could be a way to avoid skill and stun opponents belong.



Mirana including one hero agility strong as a carry, but has a range of skills that are so flexible. He has one nuke, one of stun, one escape, and the ultimate moment that are global, so Mirana match is played in a variety of different roles. Mirana popularly used as a support because it can contribute to optimal capital only skill, without the need for costly items. Moonlight Shadow can make the whole team hard to kill, as well as initiating devices teamfight very dangerous. If the game runs long enough, Mirana can also change the role to be semi-carry in the middle thanks to the ability farming fast.

4.Vengeful Spirit


Sometimes As a carry or midlaner Vengeful Spirit is not a bad hero. Ability to stun remotely, reducing armor, and damage degrade the enemy’s attack is a strong capital to be right clicker. But the ranks of his skill is also very nice to initiate teamfight and make difficult enemy fled.Potential support Vengeful Spirit increased since he got the effect Aghanim’s Scepter. With this item, his ultimate moment Nether Swap can be used multiple times in teamfight, making a mess of enemy positions. Combined with mobility items like Blink Dagger or Force Staff, Vengeful Spirit is strong support hero that experts make the enemy confused at the early game.

5. Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter is an example of a hero down caste we most often encountered in the professional game. First, known as the Bounty Hunter carry powerful gang experts do alone. But over time, two of his skill, namely Jinada and Track changes that actually make it stronger used in teamfight. Bounty Hunter is now popular as a hero roaming expert support ransacked the forest and kill the courier opponent. Although it does not act as a killer hero, where Bounty Hunter in teamfight could make so much more terrifying death because the number of enemies Gold gained so doubled.

Article Idea  got from  : TechinAsia Site

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