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The Fall 2016 Battle Pass

The Fall 2016 Battle Pass

The Fall 2016 Battle Pass which can be bought since few weeks ago, seems different than the older versions. It contains so much new quest that really really challenging and most likely will shape your dota skills to the next level.

If we compare to the older version when just by purchase and participate in quest we could level up the battle pass more quickly than now, when to be able to get the full stars on the quest, we have to be super try hard!

The quests seems not too different with the one before but, the standards have been leveled up so it won’t be so easy to get the full marks. Really challenging right?

Well, the good thing is dota will never be the same. Experience new strategy and try out new gameplay in order to mastered them all.

Oh and the most amazing one is, everyone finally wants to spend gold on supporting items, what a splendid idea!

Also for The Weekend Battle Cup have a new party builder tool to help players who want to join but don’t have any teams.

So, we’ve thought owning a battle pass nowadays is not only about the treasure (of course this is also important, everyone likes shiny items) but it’s also helps you to get stronger, to be a better player and get around the game for the new players.

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