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are you follow the latest trending at this month ? yes several Cryptocurrency like DOGE , ETH , ETC has been boosted so well this month.
especially when you heard Elonmusk tweet some of trending topic about DOGEFATHER SNL 8 May .

Suddenly it makes DOGECOIN price go further. even almost hit $1 USD = 1 DOGECOIN.

at this time when elonmusk retweet his twitter about DOGECOIN suddenly the market price going to uptrend .

as we can see in our cryptocurrency market at this time if DOGE already on uptrend.

but we always make sure trade with your own risk. you gain some you risk some.

if you are opportunity seeker and think is the best fit to you ,

maybe you can try to take a look official dogecoin website 1st before to start trade on it. https://www.dogecoin.com

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.


What is SNL ?

Saturday Night Live is an american late night live television show . it’s very popular streaming program in US.

many celebrities and talented people from all the world already gather on this event.

what’s correlation SNL with DOGE ? as we know when elonmusk tweet last week ago on Apr 28 .

he said ” The Dogefather SNL May 8” CMIIW it’s meaning elonmusk will be attend saturday night live on 8 may. so he will think what kind of topic he will bring on that show.

and today we can see that things going to be happening. so that’s why many people in the world claim Elonmusk as Dogefather. because he is one of the techno king who makes great

impact on cryptocurrency especially on DOGECOIN.


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