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Cooking Battle , Fun Casual Game looks like Overcooked PC

Cooking Battle – game looks like overcooked , Have you ever heard of the Cooking battle game?

if you’ve previously played overcooked games on your PC / PS 4 / PS 5, of course, you will definitely be interested in trying this one game.

Cooking Battle is a mobile fun casual game based on several character chefs.

where the gameplay itself resembles overcooked, but in this game it has different variations from each chef you choose.

because each chef has a variety of unique skills of its own.

cooking battle casual game

source : gamerbrave


But for now, not all regions can play this game. if you are in Indonesia, you will not find these games in the playstore for android users.

for that we recommend that you download QooApp first, then you can download this game from the QooApp application.

This game will certainly be more interesting if you play with your friends/partners.

This game requires good teamwork to share tasks in completing the food recipe menu that has been provided.

so time management and team cohesiveness are very influential to win this game.

This game also provides features such as in app purchases for those of you who want to support the game developer in developing this game.

so you can also enjoy exclusive costumes / other items that have been provided in the store.

For the top up system itself, you can still use Google Play for Android, and iTunes for Apple users.

If you are an overcooked veteran player, we guarantee, you will love this game.

if you’ve never played overcooked it doesn’t matter because this game also provides an easy guide to learn.

Lets play together with your Friend !

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