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Day after day,  still counting on The International 2017 tournament that will be hold on August 2nd – August 12th 2017. The total of 18 teams and 90 players will fight to grab the Aegis Trophy. As we know that 3 SEA Teams has been qualified to The International 2017. These teams are TNC, Fnatic, and Execration, there will also 15 players (11 Philippines , 4 Malaysia) that will join that biggest tournament in this year.

The 3 best player in SEA Teams, Abed (Digital Chaos), Ahfu (LGD Forever Young), and MidOne (Team Secret). They will not be play as a SEA Team. At this time, Abed and MidOne has reached the 10k MMR Solo Mid Player. They make a history in the Dota2 with their amazing gaming skills.

Talking about the teams, the 3 SEA Teams are being the 25 Top Teams of the Dota2 Rankings. Team Secret (Abed’s Team) at the ranking number 5 and TNC at ranking number 10. That’s why,  I think SEA will give the best performance for The International  2017. Same as the last year, there will be a prediction about who will win The International tournament. This year, come a prediction that non-China team will win The International 2017. Why? because as we can look from  The International 1 until The International 6,  The non-China Teams  always take a good chance and won the tournament.

Besides, we can’t wait for The International 2017 !!! But, we hope the SEA Teams and the other teams can give their best performance in the tournament to be the champion for this year. Go gamers !!!

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