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The International 2017 Party will be starting soon, a super big tournament which has been waiting every year by Dota 2 fans. Still in the TI 7 Events, now The Valve has announced extensive changes for The International 2018 Qualifiers, what will it be? The extensive changes will be made on the Major System in Dota2, replacing it with a “more organic approach” that moves tournaments to third party organizers.

“For the next year we will be taking a more organic approach to growing the competitive ecosystem, working more closely with third-party tournaments,” Valve announced. “Instead of the previous Major system, we will be selecting many third-party tournaments to directly sponsor” said The Valve in the official website.

“Later, we will enforce the Qualifying Points system that the team must collect from each of its achievements in various tournaments.” said the release. The tournament will be divided into two categories :  Major and Minor Major. Majors will have a minimum prize pool of $500k, and will receive an additional $500k towards the prize pool.  Minors will have a minimum prize pool of $150k, and will receive an additional $150k towards their prize pool.

Each region will have at least one major and minor tournaments. The regions are North America, South America, South East Asia, China, Rusia, and Europe. Valve also said that only the top 3 points earners on a team will contribute towards a team’s effective total Qualifying Points.

Image Source : Valve

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