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Join The Battle

Join The Battle

Let’s join the battle !!! Yesterday, Valve posted a new trailer for Dota2 entitled “Join The Battle” on the Dota2’s official Youtube channel. With the billion players of Dota 2  Valve still wanted to get the new players? Actually, this is the first proper trailer for Dota2 in six years. The first trailer is “What Does a Hero Truly Need?” which is being to The International 2011.

The trailer is simple and showing of familiar heroes, such as Dragon Knight, Mirana, Huskar, and more. With the news of Dota 2 that wants to make a new hero, perhaps Valve wants to increase the number of Dota2 players. Through their brand new content and publicity materials, it will help Valve to increase it.  You can also read it in our last post A New Dota2 Hero is Coming.

For the new players who want to join Dota2, you don’t have to be afraid because you can still watch and learn from The International 7 Video. Dota 2 had prepared Newcomer Stream for you and it will help you so much.

So, will you join the battle today? No time to wait, sign up to Dota2 now and be the next players !

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