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Vainglory has announced the Midsummer Progress Developer Update. From the video,  we knew that the company is scrapping their former plans for the 2.7 update. They will pushing back the planned release date in favor of focusing on the issues highlighted by the community. The 2.7 update will be a giant quality-of-life patch to ensure everything is running without problems.

Over the upcoming weeks and months, the company will update their server infrastructure. It will done by rolling out local servers with the goal of improving latency for public game modes, startting in Australia. Once the local server concept has been proven, they will roll out local servers in SEA, EU, and the Eastern US.

5V5 Progress – Vainglory

The company will provided update on Vainglory’s 5V5 game mode too soon. They intend to continue documenting the 5V5 development process from concept through completion, bringing players into the evolution of the game mode. The transparency and community interactions will keep players involved in 5V5 game mode progress while providing it with real-time public feedback.

Check this video to know more about the midsummer progress !

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