Automatic Payment – Method

You need login to Eternal Account to use Automatic Top-up System. 
(Automatic Top-up support with paypal & G2APay payment gateway)

Manual Payment – Rate

200   Eps    = Rp 25.000 

1000  Eps    = Rp 125.000 

2500  Eps    = Rp 315.000

5000  Eps    = Rp 625.000

10000 Eps    = Rp 1.250.000

Manual Payment – Method

Eternal Points are having so many functions.Like for tournament payment, buying something in store, join events & etc. Now, we want to explain the step to top up your Eternal Points in Manual Mode. Manual payment means that you have to transfer your money using the bank transfer system.
*Manual Payment – method just capable for indonesia only, another countries please use paypal / g2apay to request top-up.

Here is the step to making a bank transfer :

  1. Ensure you have internet banking / ATM
  2. Open your online banking web page / Go to your nearest ATM machine
  3. Please added this BCA Bank Account to your list “8470113252 – Yonathan Aditya “
  4. after the transaction complete please screenshot your transfer bank proof
  5. and Email : [email protected] with subject [your username ] Eternal Organizer Top-up
  6. We will process your top-up transaction 1 x 24 hours. if you didn’t received yet you can direct live chat with us on our home site.
  7. Thanks for understanding and hope with this method can help you.