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Hi Gamers, long time no talking about Dota2, are you busy with Mobile Games now? Well, in today’s article i’m going to give you some information that host this time. Yeah, it’s Chongqing Major, a city in Southwest China.

According to the Dota 2 Blog, it’s said that they have been following the recent situation regarding TNC and the Chongqing Major. Also how it has unfolded. First, for clarification, Kuku is not banned by the Chinese government. While there is a lot of anxiety around his attendance and problems it may create, we do not believe his presence creates a real security threat.

Our view on the situation is that responsibility resides with teams to handle these types of issues professionally. When they fail to do so, we will step in. While it is one thing to make a mistake and apologize, it is quite another thing for the team to lie about it. It’s better try to create cover for an individual player. TNC has mishandled the situation on multiple occasions. It makes the situation much worse than it needed to be.

TNC and DPC Point

TNC contacted Valve last Tuesday, asking if they would get a DPC point penalty for replacing Kuku; we told them that they wouldn’t. We assumed that they were then working on a plan to replace Kuku with another player. However it seems like TNC is currently not taking proper responsibility for their actions. It coupled with the attempted cover up by the team, so we are now stepping in directly and banning Kuku from attending this event. To be clear, TNC is not the victim in this case. It is not okay to cover up the situation, avoid any real sense of responsibility and then deflect it onto the community. 

Players and teams will make mistakes in the future, and they should accept responsibility for them.  In addition to being required to replace Kuku, Valve will also be docking 20% of TNC’s current DPC points. The player restriction does not affect future tournaments.

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