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Trove Carafe

Trove Carafe Immortals

The group stage of The International 2017 has ended, and now Valve release The Trove Carafe Immortals. Featuring the item debuts for the long neglected  Jakiro and Oracle, as well as new items for Shadow Demon, Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage, Troll Warlord, Faceless Void, and beastmaster.

The Trove Carafe continues the tradition in 2014 , which is purchasable for fans and players to buy the Carafe. The carafe will be available for purchase even though you dont’t have a Battlepass. Fans will also have a chance to receive a rare Invoker item, with a custom Alacrity animation. Also a very rare Golden Treasure that contains golden version of select immortals, as well as the ultra rare mystery courier.

Like the last year’s International, Valve said that you can also support your favorite broadcast talent at this year’s event.  It’s by purchasing autographed versions of the trove carafe. You also just need to  selected the desired caster from the dropdown menu in store to inscribe their autograph.

And as a special bonus to The International 7 atendees, Valve wil be dropping in-game items to audience member inside of KeyArena. Each First Blood in each game will trigger the release of a limited number of exclusive Atendee Treasure. It also have unique versions of select number of this year’s immortals.  To be eligible, first you must have a badge that linked to a Steam account and be in the arena when First Blood occurs.

C’mmon , The Interntional 7 waits for you. Let’s join now and experience the new world of Dota 2.

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