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Hello , first of all my friends wanted to share his experience about playing Mobile Legends on ranked mode. Yeah, the first important things are the strategies that I feel are effective but not certain always give chance to win the battle, because this is from my opinion as MOBA player.

Warrior – Elite

At this level, you must concentrate on destroying the turret in the middle as fast as possible. Act like a pusher. Work together with your team mate during push or try to avoid fight and just focus tower. At this moment , I thought this is the fastest strategy to win on this tier.


Mobile Legends

Concentrate on destroying 1 turret on 1 lane. If the enemy turret on your lane has been
destroyed, then help your team destroy the turret on the other lan. Don’t affraid if your
enemy near your base, you can back up to destroy turret enemy. And the most important things once you reach master tier please consider your hero pick when you are on drafting , at least have 1 support & 1 tanker on your team and you will through this tier.

Grand Master

When you already reach Grand Master tier, you must survive. Keep the turret you have guard do not get destroyed, although 1 against 2. Do some attack with your skill. The important point is to keep your turret save and don’t be destroyed by your enemy.

If there are friends on your lane, try to hit back the enemy. If it can kill, it’s better. Continue
until the enemy turret is destroyed.

If your enemy turret has been destroyed, don’t stay in one place, but go to your friend to help
them and backup your friend. But don’t forget to see your map, because your enemy can
arrive suddenly in your base or your turret. On this tier you should know how to farm fast properly to earn your item, and you must set your gear if you think it’s possible to create combo with your item like immortal will be good item when you can still alive from several seconds when you activated automatically.


On this Epic Tier , you must considerable and always discuss with your team on draft pick , at least your team also already know how to play the game.

But there is one more important thing that if you confidence with your role as “Marksman” makes sure you pick as fast possible and don’t let your team pick Marksman again. You can politely ask them to pick another useful hero like mage , charger , tanker , support at this moment.



When you already reached on Legend tier , the most important thing you should do is considering about pick any role and don’t be selfish. because teamwork and good draft is the good start to give you more higher probability to win on this tier , and make sure you already expert or at least you understand to use some of difficult hero on Mobile Legends , so you can predict your enemy movement when you intense play with higher difficulty heroes.

Glorious Legend

First of all Congratulations if you now already on Glorious Legend and keep it your good work and train harder . Once you reached Glorius Legend ,this tier will be much more competitive so make sure you play with good internet condition and your latest strategy when you on Legend tier. But, overall it depends on you because this game have various strategy so you can implement it what you think good for you and your team to reach the victory together. But usually i started with 1 – 1 – 3 strategy. (3 heroes on bottom) when you on left side.

Anyway thanks to our professional player as part of Eternal – Mizuki01 , hope all the best for all readers.

Mizuki01 – Current Tier : Glorius Legends

Instagram : chris_candz

Goodluck and keep train harder !

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