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Store Dot : Enabling The Future of Charging

Since global warming made a serious condition in the atmosphere, now some of scientist are trying to make an invention to handle this problem. It’s Store Dot, the new invention in fast-charging battery on Smartphone and also for car. Fuels are getting rare and it takes million times to get the new fuels from animals, and it’s not efficient.

“Fast Charging is the critical missing link needed to make electric vehicles ubiquitous. The currently available battery technology dictates long charging times. This makes the EV form of transportation inadequate for the public at large. We’re exploring options with a few strategic partners in the auto space to help us boost the production process in Asia and reach mass production as soon as possible.” said Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot.

StoreDot’s FlashBattery technology uses layers of nanomaterials and proprietary organic compounds, which it says have never been used on batteries before. The company also claims FlashBattery is safer than lithium-ion. Since it’s not flammable and has a higher combustion temp. This will deliver at least 300 miles of range on a single charge.

Now, Mercedes Benz which has known as the big automakers also investing in StoreDot. So far, StoreDot has raised some $60 million in investment, It has come from a number of investors that include high-profile contributors such as Daimler, Samsung, and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovitch.

If an electric car recharge fully in as little as five minutes, the electricity could replace diesel and petrol faster than many people would ever have believed. What a cool inventions, right?

You can also check it at Store Dot Official Website.

Check this video below :

You can also watch the Official Introduction :

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