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Siltbreaker Acts II

Dota 2’s Siltbreaker Acts II is now available to all Battle Pass owners. With the title “A Vault in the Deep,” Dota 2 brings a few changes in game play. It said that this update will make it more accessible for players of all skill levels.

Valve said that the adventure mode playthrough won’t garner any Artifacts, achievements, or rewards. But, the decreased difficulty and removal of any non-quest goals will let players explore the dangerous world of Siltbreaker.

The updates will also brings massive changes to Artifacts, the in-game assist item system. According to the Valve, they will change the Artifacts system to help ensure more players discover the objects of power. Players who collected Artifacts in Act I  are welcome to utilize them in Act II, and vice versa. But, there are some important differences with the new system.

Recently, Valve announced two new heroes to Dota 2 soon in “The Dueling Fates” updates. Now, there are nine new heroes that have been added too in the game mode. There are Dragon Knights, Gyrocopter, Leshrac, Luna, Omniknight, Treant Protector, Viper, Weaver, and Zeus. Not just that, Acts II also adds new Artifacts items, and a new currency, Artifacts Coins. Artifacts Coins will let you access Artifact items earned in previous attemts at the campaign. Actually, the updates also removed one hero, it’s Abaddon.

Well, The 2017 Battle Pass will expire on September 18th, which means that you still have a month to get your fill of the campaign. You can also check the patch notes for the full Artifacts Changes.

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