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In today’s update, Rubick steals the show, unveiling his own Arcana item. Before kicking off the events of Frosthaven, a new special game mode available through January 3rd.

Featuring all-new custom animations and effects—including 115 custom stolen spell effects, dynamic cape colors, and more animations than any other hero in the game. It is Magus Cypher Arcana has helped Rubick unlock a deeper mastery in manipulating the arcane arts. No longer content just to mimic the spells of his enemies, Rubick can now alter the very core of the magic used against him. It’s changing it to his liking and casting it back with his own signature style.

But the new influx of arcane knowledge has left Rubick. Left Rubick in want of even more, and his sudden ardor has turned arboreal. In the secluded hamlet of Frosthaven, atop the heart of an ancient power. It grows the original Frostivus tree, from which all the world’s holiday presents flow. Rubick, swept up in the zeal of unraveling and reshaping arcane energies, intends to uproot the tree to explore the mysterious font of power beneath it. And only five heroes stand between him and the end of Frostivus forever.

Head over to the Frosthaven Update page for more information. Check this chilling special event and a complete rundown of Rubick’s new Magus Cypher Arcana.

As you take to the lanes looking for a spell to steal, Valve also hope you’ll enjoy this Arcana’s remastered. Please take on the original voice performance of the late Barry Dennen. Barry Dennen, a person who imbued Rubick with a magic that helped the Grand Magus steal our hearts in the first place.

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