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Razer Atheris

After the rumor of Razer Gaming Smartphone, now, Razer, the leader gaming brand has recently announced a new notebook wireless mouse, Razer Atheris. This mouse is specifically designed for performance and productivity. The mouse comes with a wide range of features that makes it a top competitor in its category.

Razer Atheris Features

Razer Atheris have some interesting features like efficient battery usage, stable wireless connection, and 7200 DPI Optical Sensors.

The mouse uses Razer’s Adaptive Frequency Technology, which means its connection will be highly consistent and stable. This technology is far more reliable than the traditional bluetooth connection method a typical wireless mouse uses.

Razer Atheris comes with a small USB device that can be conveniently store away inside the mouse. In order to utilize AFT, users only have to connect the USB dongle into the computer or laptop they wish to connect to.

7200 DPI means that users will have incredibly accurate movement. This feature is especially useful for gamers, as increased accurate movement can give them an advantage.

Release Date and Price

It will be available in tech venues around the world towards the end of this year. However, eager individuals in the United States can choose to order the mouse from Razer’s online store. The Razer Atheris currently costs $49.99 USD and has free shipping for shoppers in the United States.

Looks like the release of the Razer Atheris is a good news for Razer fans and PC gamers.

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