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Are you ready PUBG becoming an eSports? Since PUBG joining the tournament at Gamescom, now this game has become very popular. About two weeks ago, Playerunknown Battlegrounds’ developer Bluehole Studio partnered with ESL to host the PUBG Invitational, the first official LAN tournament for Battlegrounds esports, and the de facto ribbon-cutting ceremony for a brand new esports division. There were 80 pro players on the official guestlist, plus another 20 amateurs determined by an onsite qualifier, all competing for modest five-figure payouts.

Battlegrounds’ success is unpredicted. Over this past weekend, the game cracked one million players on Steam.

Bluehole could take time to finish development before staring down the proverbial esports barrel, but the demands are stacking up. Esports titans like Team SoloMid, Cloud9 and Team Liquid are already inking expensive pro Battlegrounds teams to their brands.

“Our product is not finished,” he says, beaming through a Skype call from his office on an early Seoul morning. “It’s not complete. It’s not ready for serious competition. We need more time to polish the game, and we’re still in Early Access. People still want to play competitively, and that puts pressure on us.” said Chang, vice president of Bluehole.

A Battlegrounds esports scene is what Bluehole wanted from the moment they started development, but the team just didn’t expect it to be happening so soon.

Bluehole has a lot of that commissionership work ahead of it, but it also has to answer the fundamental question of what Battlegrounds will look like as an esport.

“If you look at professional esports, it’s usually one team vs. the other. But this is different. We need 100 players,” says Chang. “We need a good format, but we don’t have it set up yet so we definitely need more time. Other esports have a global league or a certain model, and we still need to come up ideas and plans that will fit our game. Nothing is ready. But teams are gathering.”

You can also visit at the PUBG Official Website. We hope that PUBG will become popular like the biggest eSports game Dota 2. So, keep stay tune and we will update the next updates for you.

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