Category | Kitchen
Fast Food

After talking about coffee in our last post, now how about if we talk about fast food? Fast food become the most popular foods around…

Category | Automotive

Formula One and eSports? Formula One has announced its launching an official eSport series to run together with the on-track world championship. This is the…

Category | Technology
Razer Atheris

After the rumor of Razer Gaming Smartphone, now, Razer, the leader gaming brand has recently announced a new notebook wireless mouse, Razer Atheris. This mouse…

Category | Dota2
Siltbreaker Acts II

Dota 2’s Siltbreaker Acts II is now available to all Battle Pass owners. With the title “A Vault in the Deep,” Dota 2 brings a…

Category | Business
Alibaba Invests Tokopedia

Alibaba Invest Billion Dollars in Tokopedia Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has invest a US$1.1 billion investment in one of the biggest Indonesia’s e-Commerce, PT Tokopedia….